Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Amazing Weekend....

Is it to late to talk about last weekend?  I had so much fun!  My mom, Winston, and I woke up Saturday morning and went to Toledo, Washington (about 3 1/2 hours away) to visit family and stay for a night. We decided to make a surprise visit for a birthday.  We all met at a little run down bar and celebrated.  There was karaoke and a lot of people that they knew. In Washington they have these things called pull tabs.  It's there way of gambling I guess.  So a few people chipped in and bought me a bunch to play. I won 70 bucks! I gave 20 to one of the people that chipped in but I pocketed that 50! :) We had a really good time with everyone... The next day we woke up and all had a delicious breakfast and Winston got to play with the CUTEST golden retriever puppy.  We wanted to leave Toledo a little early so on the way home we could take our time and have lunch and do a little shopping.  We drive through Portland and Woodburn so there are all kinds of malls.  We went to the nordstrom rack to check out some deals and SCORED! I got 4 shirts for 45 dollars! I am never that lucky.  After we left there we had a really good lunch at this place called Stanfords.  They had happy hour on a sunday and we took advantage of that! I had an amazing bowl of pasta and my mom had quesadillas and of course a few drinks. :) She's kind of a slow driver so I said DRINK ON mom and hand over the keys! And on we went to Woodburn and looked around at the outlet mall.  My mom got a pair of versace sunglasses for 60 bucks! I decided to be nice and spend a little bit of that 50 on Thai and buy him a few shirts and socks at zumiez... Then we went to the coach store. JUST TO LOOK.... thats it!  We walk in and the person at the door hands each of us a 30% off all invetory in the store coupon.  We look around and sales are EVERYWHERE! Half of there inventory is 50% off with the additional 30% off....  you cant walk away from deals like that!  So we didnt... 3 very cute purses for about 320 bucks.  Can you say SCORE!? It was a very succesfull weekend with my mommy and so much fun!  Her and I dont get to have very much one on one mother daughter time so it meant a lot to me!

just trying to look purrdy for the camera!
 Here are some pictures....

birthday girl!


wintsons new frien lola

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