Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One of a Kind Journey

Life is CRAZY, busy, chaotic, depressing, HARD, fulfilling, WONDERFUL, breath-taking, INSPIRING, all in all, a ONE OF A KIND journey NOT TO BE MISSED! ~~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend full of sunshine!

Sunshine, Shopping, Harley's, and amazing Company!! These past few weekends have been the best.  We have just been going, going, and going lately but having a very good time.  Saturday Thai and I decided to hop on the bike and ride to Eugene.  Its about 45 minutes away from us.  We don't have any saddle bags or riding gear so we decided to ride around and look at all the different shops there in Eugene.  We did good! Each of us got chaps, I got a vest, and we got saddle bags.

wooo! look at me all bikered out! haha

Saturday night was my friends 22nd birthday so we went out with her and celebrated! 

Sunday we went on our first poker run!  It was a blast.  About 50 bikes were with us.  There are 4 or 5 stops and each one you draw a card.  Who ever gets the best hand wins some $$$$.  At the last stop they had a 50 50 raffle and some other drawings.  I won all kinds of different prizes and 200 bucks! :)

Me and Thai

Our close friend Dondi and I

Jim, Dondi, me, and Thai

Me and Thai at our first stop

My cousins Drew and Jessica

some close friends(basically family) Jim and Dondi!

The funnest thing about the whole weekend was spending it with family!  I got sun burned and man does my butt hurt but it was all worth it!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Camp out on a rainy weekend!!
Every year in July a local biker club has a camp out and its called Squirmin!  I personally think biker clubs are a little silly.... escpecially this one but I love a lot of the people in it!!  I have aunts, uncles, and cousins in this club so I love them and I have so much fun with them.
Here are some of my favorite ladies and Tim...  My mom, cousins friend Salena,Cousin Jessica, her best friend and best friends daughter, me and cousins friend tanaya!
My dad, cousins husband drew, and my honey!  Who knows what there talking about...
Here are my LOVELY parents and some rad friends in the back!  My mom got into a balloon fight with my aunt and got SOAKED so she had to changed into sweats. haha
On saturday they have biker games all day.  My aunt and her friend decided to get in on them  on there 3 wheeled mobile...  They have a hot dog contest... the person on the back of the bike has to try to bite off the hot dog thats hanging while the bikes still going. I hopped in the back of there mobile for the balloon toss.  You have to toss the balloon over the white thingy majig in the left of the picture and catch it on the other side while youre still moving.... There's even a wet t shirt contest... now thats a site to see let me tell ya!
My aunt and cousin watching the games in 2009

these are also in 2009
Thai and I bought a bike a few weeks ago so of course we had to bring it and show it off! Its a Soft Tail... They just came out with it this year its called a black line.  The local harley dealership was closing so we got a very good deal that we could not pass up!
A very fun and eventfull weekend....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Poor Winston

Winston got to go to work with me today!!!  I love these days...  He gets so sad when I have to leave him home alone and I feel horrible.

He loves coming to work...  He gets to meet lots of people and play with all of his toys that he doesn't get to play with at home because raz can eat them.... He was having so much fun chasing his little ball around... 

He got sleepy and took a little nap on dakotas hannah montana blanket I had in my car. 
I was showing him off to one of the members because he's so dang cute... :)  I found a lump on the back of his ear... I thought it was a growth!

I looked a little closer and I could see what looked like legs coming out of it....  Its a TICK!! eeeew! I googled about it trying to figure out how to get it out and a lot of what I read said to just go to the vet because the head can get stuck under the skin and give the dog infections.... I was not about to take those chances so on my lunch break thats what we did!  We sat in there for 45 minutes I was starving and had the caffiene shakes.... and that makes me rrreal grumpy!
For $10 all they did was smother it in vaseline for a few minutes....  waited for it to back its self out and it didn't so they had to get tweezers and pull it out! It was so gross! I could hear it pull out! It made a popping noise! eeeeew!

Now he's a little traumatized and doesn't want to play anymore :( poor little man...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Growing Garden....

Like I said before... This is my first time with a garden!  I'm pretty proud of my self! I planted beans in both boxes and they only did good in one box.  The lettuce is HUGE and is ready to be pulled out.  The peppers are doing good and so is the broccoli.

My tomato plants are Beautiful! I have a little bit of some extra space and I'm thinking about planting a couple more tomato plants. 

The squash and zuccini are doing amazing as well!  I had a friend watering my garden while I was gone for a weekend and he didnt know not to water it in the middle of the day so the leaves are burnt. :(

Gardening is a piece of cake!  Way easier than I expected!  Thai had some wood laying around so he built two big boxes.  We put gravel in the bottoms of both of them for drainage.  For dirt we went to a local gardening store and bought dirt that has fertilizer in it.  As soon as my starters looked like they were ready I transfered them to the garden beds! I water them every morning before work and when its a really sunny hot day I sometimes water them at night before bed.  I use miracle grow fertalizer every two weeks. 
I have only run into a few bumps in the road... My puppies are hard to keep out of it... and we had an aunt and slug issue... but thank god for google!  I learned there are different herbs and flowers you can plant to keep certain bugs out of the garden and to fertalize other plants!  I will definetly be using that trick next year!  For this year I unfortunetly had to use some kind of bug killer that was garden safe.  Can't wait to start eating all of it! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where I Would Rather Be Wednesday....


Out on the patio in the sunshine sippin' wine!
These are some beautiful back yard oasis

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dakota Arlene....

Dakota at the Halloween store last October...

one of Dakota's first days of Kindergarten

Me, Dakota, and Thai on a Coast adventure

Me and Dakota today... getting ready for work and vacation bible school
This is my boyfriend Thai's little girl. She's six years old and I love her very much.  I'm young and I have never been in a relationship with someone that has had a kid so it was a little scary coming into it. I think I was a little stand offish at first. I had a lot of mixed feelings about dating a guy with a little kid at the beginning of our relationship. I dont want to get attached and fall in love with a child and then have it end and never be able to see her again.  This isn't just one relationship its two. If something were to happen it wouldn't be one break up, it would be two.  A little scary....  Its been over a year now and we are gradually getting closer and closer.  Just in a year its amazing how much a little girl grows up.  

Now there are different worries and feelings....   Does she like me?  Am I to hard on her?  Am I not hard enough?   Her dad doesn't get to see her as much as he would like too.  We get her every other weekend during the summer because Thai works really long hours.  So when we do have her its really hard for Thai to say no to her about anything.  He has a really hard time with discipline... He wants to be the good guy to her Always.. soshe eats what ever she wants when ever she wants, she doesnt use her manners very well, and when she goes back to her moms they have a hard time with her.  Her mom says she's a brat when she comes back from our house.  I hate to hear that!  So I have tried to make it better....  I make sure she has real meals and eats them... I let her have candy and ice cream but its after her meals.  I have really been working on her with her manners around us because I feel its very important to have especially when your a kid.  I can tell Dakota gets annoyed with me or upset and I hope she understands when she's older...  I only do it for her.  If she doesn't learn respect, eating right, and manners now... She's never going to.  It's nice to be her friend and have fun with her and get her nice things but there needs to be parenting also... I just hope I'm doing the right thing because I love her and I want whats best for her!