Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend full of sunshine!

Sunshine, Shopping, Harley's, and amazing Company!! These past few weekends have been the best.  We have just been going, going, and going lately but having a very good time.  Saturday Thai and I decided to hop on the bike and ride to Eugene.  Its about 45 minutes away from us.  We don't have any saddle bags or riding gear so we decided to ride around and look at all the different shops there in Eugene.  We did good! Each of us got chaps, I got a vest, and we got saddle bags.

wooo! look at me all bikered out! haha

Saturday night was my friends 22nd birthday so we went out with her and celebrated! 

Sunday we went on our first poker run!  It was a blast.  About 50 bikes were with us.  There are 4 or 5 stops and each one you draw a card.  Who ever gets the best hand wins some $$$$.  At the last stop they had a 50 50 raffle and some other drawings.  I won all kinds of different prizes and 200 bucks! :)

Me and Thai

Our close friend Dondi and I

Jim, Dondi, me, and Thai

Me and Thai at our first stop

My cousins Drew and Jessica

some close friends(basically family) Jim and Dondi!

The funnest thing about the whole weekend was spending it with family!  I got sun burned and man does my butt hurt but it was all worth it!!

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