Friday, May 6, 2011

black destressed kitchen cabinets

Our kitchen is VERY out dated.... we have super old linoleum floors with leaf inprints in it and old laminate counter tops.  Our cabinets are newer but the color just doesnt look good... especially with red walls. We dont have much money right now because Thai has been laid off all winter so we want to do one thing at a time.  I would LOVE to start with the cabinets since it will probably be the cheapest and the easiest thing for me to do. :) I'm thinking about just sanding all the cabinets and then painting them brown, after that dries i'll paint them black and then destress them and put varnish over it to protect it... I think it would look good with the red walls.  What do you think? Have you done anything like this before? Advice would be much appreciated!

Here are a few examples that I really like!

this one is a little to distressed but it looks pretty neat in the pic!

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