Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our New Beautiful Bathroom!

This is Thais 2nd time ever doing tile and he did an amazing job! I'm so very proud of him! It started out with pink and white sponge paint, pink counter tops and white linoleum and super ugly and old lights.... with two puppies and me who uses a lot of hair product and loses hair like crazy white linoleum is a horrible idea! EVERYTHING shows!

thats our new rug hanging on the shower! :)

he had to put in a new hole and cover the old one for our new lights

all done! :) we got a good deal at home depot for the towel hangers, knobs, and faucet and I found that mirror at tj maxx!

I LLLOVE what he has done so far! One flat black wall with the rest of the walls white with 3 horizontal stripes going all around. It looks so much better than it did before now we just need to knock out that wall that separates the shower and toilet from the counter space so the bathrooms more open! :)

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