Thursday, May 5, 2011


I feel like jibber jabbering today..... I'm on cloud nine and just want to brag about it!  Despite my horrible money issues and my car turning into a hunk of junk, I am really enjoying life! I dont know if its all the vitamin D I have been soaking up these past few days or what but I just feel like a very lucky girl! 
I have an amazing boyfriend he's my rock, my knight and shining armor. I love him sooooo much and there's no doubt in my mind he doesn't feel the same way. He is so much fun and works his butt off and helps me with what ever I need as much as he can.
We love our cute little house! The couple that was living there with us is moving out next week so we'll finally be organized and have everything situated the way we finally want!  Its just so cluttered right now.
Our starter garden is starting to bloom.  yaaaay its actually a success! I have never had a garden so I was super nervous but so far so good.
My parents are amazing as well.  They mean everything and more to me and go above and beyond for my sister and I.  My mom went into her old work that she quit over 12 years ago and was visiting a friend last week.  Her friend interduced (sp?) my mom to the CEO of the company and right there on the spot the CEO offered her a posititon! She'll start out as a sales cordinator making 50,000 and six months later after she's done with training my mom will move up to a sales rep making 80,000.  I'm so excited for her! 
My sister is still a little shit and doesn't have a job but I love her. Our relationship has been awesome lately and I'm so happy for that.
So there's my jibber jabber! :)  Thanks for letting me brag!

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