Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winstons All Grown Up

his first camping trip
at work with me... he was sleepy

fresh new hair cut!

his first beach trip! a little wave caught him and got him a little wet

road trip to washington with his nana! (my mom) hehe

this was right after the wave got him. it scared him and made him soooo cold...

just after our camping trip... hanging out in the kitchen with mom

My little man is so much fun and he's such a good boy!
-He gets so excited when mom comes home
-He loves going bye bye
-He would rather poop in the house instead of outside :(
-He LOVES playing with his toys
-He likes to sleep under the blankets curled up in a ball by mom or on moms pillow
-When he's on walks he likes to lift his leg on every little thing we walk by
-On a leash he thinks he's the biggest dog in the world
-He likes to pick on his sister (a border collie mix)
-If he could be with mom 24/7 he would be the happiest pup in the world
I just love him! He was the best Christmas present in the whole world!

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