Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winstons All Grown Up

his first camping trip
at work with me... he was sleepy

fresh new hair cut!

his first beach trip! a little wave caught him and got him a little wet

road trip to washington with his nana! (my mom) hehe

this was right after the wave got him. it scared him and made him soooo cold...

just after our camping trip... hanging out in the kitchen with mom

My little man is so much fun and he's such a good boy!
-He gets so excited when mom comes home
-He loves going bye bye
-He would rather poop in the house instead of outside :(
-He LOVES playing with his toys
-He likes to sleep under the blankets curled up in a ball by mom or on moms pillow
-When he's on walks he likes to lift his leg on every little thing we walk by
-On a leash he thinks he's the biggest dog in the world
-He likes to pick on his sister (a border collie mix)
-If he could be with mom 24/7 he would be the happiest pup in the world
I just love him! He was the best Christmas present in the whole world!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My garden is planted!

told you it was a mud pit!
 So excited that I got all my little starters planted! I have zuchinni, squash, cucumber and green beans in one and then in the other I have more green beans, different kinds of lettuce, radish, broccoli, tomatoes, and hot peppers! I'm going to plant grape plants on that trellis back there here soon.... Can't wait to get grass planted, rock put down, and more plants planted! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our New Beautiful Bathroom!

This is Thais 2nd time ever doing tile and he did an amazing job! I'm so very proud of him! It started out with pink and white sponge paint, pink counter tops and white linoleum and super ugly and old lights.... with two puppies and me who uses a lot of hair product and loses hair like crazy white linoleum is a horrible idea! EVERYTHING shows!

thats our new rug hanging on the shower! :)

he had to put in a new hole and cover the old one for our new lights

all done! :) we got a good deal at home depot for the towel hangers, knobs, and faucet and I found that mirror at tj maxx!

I LLLOVE what he has done so far! One flat black wall with the rest of the walls white with 3 horizontal stripes going all around. It looks so much better than it did before now we just need to knock out that wall that separates the shower and toilet from the counter space so the bathrooms more open! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday not so fun day!

Do you ever have those days where your tired and a little grumpy but try to keep it inside because your at work and you dont want to be rude and you have to be professional... and then someone comes in and says or does just one little thing but it was so rude and it just pisses you off and it just about ruins your whole day! Welllll thats my day today.... I hate it. I'm trying to stay positive but its so hard to do today!

enough with the negativity... lets talk about the weekend! :)

5 Things I learned This lovely Weekend....

I LLLOVE tattoos and want lots more!

family can always make your day better even if they dont know your having a bad day...

having a mud pit as your back yard is HORRIBLE when you have dogs...

cleaning a little at a time each day is way easier then being lazy and waiting until the end of the week to do the entire house including laundry and dishes!

no matter how old you get little sister still steal your clothes and try to be like the bigger sister.. uuuugh!

Friday, May 6, 2011

black destressed kitchen cabinets

Our kitchen is VERY out dated.... we have super old linoleum floors with leaf inprints in it and old laminate counter tops.  Our cabinets are newer but the color just doesnt look good... especially with red walls. We dont have much money right now because Thai has been laid off all winter so we want to do one thing at a time.  I would LOVE to start with the cabinets since it will probably be the cheapest and the easiest thing for me to do. :) I'm thinking about just sanding all the cabinets and then painting them brown, after that dries i'll paint them black and then destress them and put varnish over it to protect it... I think it would look good with the red walls.  What do you think? Have you done anything like this before? Advice would be much appreciated!

Here are a few examples that I really like!

this one is a little to distressed but it looks pretty neat in the pic!

The Weekend!

It's going to be a gooood weekend! The only thing that could top it off is the sunshine, but unfortunetely thats not going to happen... Saturday my mom, sister, and I are going to drive to Eugene and take my grandma to the mall so she can go shoping and then were going to the tattoo convention at the fair grounds. SUPER excited! Sunday is mothers day! :) Were going to go spend time with Thais mom and then have dinner/lunch with my side of the family. It's going to be a very successful weekend with the family! What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I feel like jibber jabbering today..... I'm on cloud nine and just want to brag about it!  Despite my horrible money issues and my car turning into a hunk of junk, I am really enjoying life! I dont know if its all the vitamin D I have been soaking up these past few days or what but I just feel like a very lucky girl! 
I have an amazing boyfriend he's my rock, my knight and shining armor. I love him sooooo much and there's no doubt in my mind he doesn't feel the same way. He is so much fun and works his butt off and helps me with what ever I need as much as he can.
We love our cute little house! The couple that was living there with us is moving out next week so we'll finally be organized and have everything situated the way we finally want!  Its just so cluttered right now.
Our starter garden is starting to bloom.  yaaaay its actually a success! I have never had a garden so I was super nervous but so far so good.
My parents are amazing as well.  They mean everything and more to me and go above and beyond for my sister and I.  My mom went into her old work that she quit over 12 years ago and was visiting a friend last week.  Her friend interduced (sp?) my mom to the CEO of the company and right there on the spot the CEO offered her a posititon! She'll start out as a sales cordinator making 50,000 and six months later after she's done with training my mom will move up to a sales rep making 80,000.  I'm so excited for her! 
My sister is still a little shit and doesn't have a job but I love her. Our relationship has been awesome lately and I'm so happy for that.
So there's my jibber jabber! :)  Thanks for letting me brag!