Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday not so fun day!

Do you ever have those days where your tired and a little grumpy but try to keep it inside because your at work and you dont want to be rude and you have to be professional... and then someone comes in and says or does just one little thing but it was so rude and it just pisses you off and it just about ruins your whole day! Welllll thats my day today.... I hate it. I'm trying to stay positive but its so hard to do today!

enough with the negativity... lets talk about the weekend! :)

5 Things I learned This lovely Weekend....

I LLLOVE tattoos and want lots more!

family can always make your day better even if they dont know your having a bad day...

having a mud pit as your back yard is HORRIBLE when you have dogs...

cleaning a little at a time each day is way easier then being lazy and waiting until the end of the week to do the entire house including laundry and dishes!

no matter how old you get little sister still steal your clothes and try to be like the bigger sister.. uuuugh!

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