Friday, July 15, 2011

Poor Winston

Winston got to go to work with me today!!!  I love these days...  He gets so sad when I have to leave him home alone and I feel horrible.

He loves coming to work...  He gets to meet lots of people and play with all of his toys that he doesn't get to play with at home because raz can eat them.... He was having so much fun chasing his little ball around... 

He got sleepy and took a little nap on dakotas hannah montana blanket I had in my car. 
I was showing him off to one of the members because he's so dang cute... :)  I found a lump on the back of his ear... I thought it was a growth!

I looked a little closer and I could see what looked like legs coming out of it....  Its a TICK!! eeeew! I googled about it trying to figure out how to get it out and a lot of what I read said to just go to the vet because the head can get stuck under the skin and give the dog infections.... I was not about to take those chances so on my lunch break thats what we did!  We sat in there for 45 minutes I was starving and had the caffiene shakes.... and that makes me rrreal grumpy!
For $10 all they did was smother it in vaseline for a few minutes....  waited for it to back its self out and it didn't so they had to get tweezers and pull it out! It was so gross! I could hear it pull out! It made a popping noise! eeeeew!

Now he's a little traumatized and doesn't want to play anymore :( poor little man...

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