Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Growing Garden....

Like I said before... This is my first time with a garden!  I'm pretty proud of my self! I planted beans in both boxes and they only did good in one box.  The lettuce is HUGE and is ready to be pulled out.  The peppers are doing good and so is the broccoli.

My tomato plants are Beautiful! I have a little bit of some extra space and I'm thinking about planting a couple more tomato plants. 

The squash and zuccini are doing amazing as well!  I had a friend watering my garden while I was gone for a weekend and he didnt know not to water it in the middle of the day so the leaves are burnt. :(

Gardening is a piece of cake!  Way easier than I expected!  Thai had some wood laying around so he built two big boxes.  We put gravel in the bottoms of both of them for drainage.  For dirt we went to a local gardening store and bought dirt that has fertilizer in it.  As soon as my starters looked like they were ready I transfered them to the garden beds! I water them every morning before work and when its a really sunny hot day I sometimes water them at night before bed.  I use miracle grow fertalizer every two weeks. 
I have only run into a few bumps in the road... My puppies are hard to keep out of it... and we had an aunt and slug issue... but thank god for google!  I learned there are different herbs and flowers you can plant to keep certain bugs out of the garden and to fertalize other plants!  I will definetly be using that trick next year!  For this year I unfortunetly had to use some kind of bug killer that was garden safe.  Can't wait to start eating all of it! :)

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  1. yay for gardens! we still have not planted ours this year and i am so sad about it! we just havent gotten around to it and i am afraid it is now too late...yours looks beautiful!! i love it!!!