Monday, July 18, 2011


Camp out on a rainy weekend!!
Every year in July a local biker club has a camp out and its called Squirmin!  I personally think biker clubs are a little silly.... escpecially this one but I love a lot of the people in it!!  I have aunts, uncles, and cousins in this club so I love them and I have so much fun with them.
Here are some of my favorite ladies and Tim...  My mom, cousins friend Salena,Cousin Jessica, her best friend and best friends daughter, me and cousins friend tanaya!
My dad, cousins husband drew, and my honey!  Who knows what there talking about...
Here are my LOVELY parents and some rad friends in the back!  My mom got into a balloon fight with my aunt and got SOAKED so she had to changed into sweats. haha
On saturday they have biker games all day.  My aunt and her friend decided to get in on them  on there 3 wheeled mobile...  They have a hot dog contest... the person on the back of the bike has to try to bite off the hot dog thats hanging while the bikes still going. I hopped in the back of there mobile for the balloon toss.  You have to toss the balloon over the white thingy majig in the left of the picture and catch it on the other side while youre still moving.... There's even a wet t shirt contest... now thats a site to see let me tell ya!
My aunt and cousin watching the games in 2009

these are also in 2009
Thai and I bought a bike a few weeks ago so of course we had to bring it and show it off! Its a Soft Tail... They just came out with it this year its called a black line.  The local harley dealership was closing so we got a very good deal that we could not pass up!
A very fun and eventfull weekend....

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