Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yup! 9 more days until I'm on vacation for 12 days! I haven't had a vacation for a year and a half so I'm sooo ready! I'm not going any where specail... I'm just going to spend lots of time with the pups and making our home pretty. :)  We have so many drawers full of clutter so I'm going to get them all organized... But the best, most exciting part of making my house pretty are my kitchen cabinets! I'm finally going to PAINT THEM! I came across a website and I fell in love! I can't wait to try it.  The brand is Rust-Oleum and they have a Cabinet Transformation kit!  All kinds of colors to choose from... you dont have to sand or anything! I'm going to try it out while on vacation.  http://cabinets.rustoleumtransformations.com/ Check it out! There's a light color kit and a dark color kit. I'm going to go with the dark color kit.  I'm either going to choose the color black for my cabinets or Espresso.  So stay tuned peeps! Pictures will be up of my beautiful new cabinets! :)

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